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8 Categories; Top World News, Health and Science, Business, Entertainment, World Sports, Energywatch, Intelligencewatch and "Quirks in the News"

Content are updated 3-5 times per day, 7 days a week, with the option of 5 news articles in concise format of 150 to 400 words or in full format 250-650 words per article.
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Custom News Feeds


Custom configured news feeds to give you real-time access to critical business information. Gives you the ability to configure, adjust and refine your feed at any time.

This news feed service is for publications and companies looking for product, company information or competitor full text articles, and broadcasters in need of current news.

This service features content from international news agencies, delivering a total of 500-600 news items per day.
  • Critical business information
  • Customized, targeted content feeds
  • Fully configurable news feeds.

5-day free trial

The full text news feed service from NewsKnowledge offers customers online access to comprehensive full text news articles, covering current top news, business and financial information.

There is no need any more to link away to get to the article, that means visitors do not have to leave your site. News items also have no more reference to external publisher and thus can be easily integrated. With the Topic feed there is no editorial control over content, whereas the Custom feed can be configured to your needs.

Full text news service features:
  • Full text articles from renowned international news agencies
  • Accurate, unbiased, up-to-date breaking news delivered in an easy to use concise short or long article format, with images/pictures when available
  • Tailored for clients who want continually updating news articles to appear directly on their website
  • No need any more to link away to get to article
  • No more reference to external publisher
  • Easy integration into your web site
  • Provide your users with breaking news on the topics that your audience demands at a price that you can afford
  • Data is delivered in XML, RSS, HTML, ATOM, CSV or JS formats


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